Technically speaking, the 2024 Kia Sorento hasn't yet had a proper debut. In common fashion from Kia (and parent company Hyundai) we've received official photos showing the refreshed model, but details regarding updates under this skin are still a mystery. As such, this new walkaround video from CarSceneKorea can't answer questions like touchscreen sizes or software updates, but it does take us up close for a thorough tour of the popular SUV.

In this case, up-close means mere inches away from new features like the redesigned Sorento taillights, which appear similar to the outgoing model but are connected at the top and feature new internal structures. We also zoom in on the SUV's completely new face, boasting vertically oriented headlights with T-shaped LED running lamps. These also function as turn signals, and they flank a grille that looks slightly larger. We get a very close look at the new mesh grille pattern from Kia, and the video zooms in for a detailed view of the new wheels as well.

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The tour isn't relegated to the Sorento's exterior makeover. In fact, much of the video focuses on interior changes, which aren't quite as dramatic as the exterior but still noteworthy. The dash is reworked to make room for a larger center touchscreen; we can easily see the central AC vents mounted horizontally under the screen. These were vertical vents previously, and it all sits above a center console that swaps a gear lever for a rotary dial. There are four driving modes shown: Normal, Eco, Sport, and Smart. The driving selector also lists four terrain modes: Auto, Snow, Mud, and Sand.

We get a taste of the Sorento's luxury features with various massaging functions for the seats. We're also treated to a sample of the SUV's various surround-view cameras and how they can be controlled through the touchscreen. We get a look under the hood as well, though as we mentioned previously, our tour is limited only to what we can see. Details regarding possible powertrain changes – not to mention all the tech upgrades – will come with the official debut.

At this time, we don't have an official timeframe for when that will happen. A launch for South Korea will almost certainly come first, with vehicles on the road in that region by the end of the year. Details for the North American model could arrive before 2024, though models likely won't go on sale until next summer.

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