Left to rot in a field for over 16 years, this Cadillac hearse is covered in mold, dirt, and debris. To rescue it, the WD Detailing crew gives the vehicle a makeover by thoroughly detailing the interior and exterior before getting it to run. 

The first challenge is getting it back to the shop. The Cadillac hearse is so long it hangs off the back of the trailer. To make matters worse, one of the team members drops the winch battery while loading the vehicle. It's almost as if the hearse would prefer to be left undisturbed. 

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Back at the shop, the crew gives a tour of the hearse, including the interior, which is lined with felt and curtains framing the windows. The floor is covered in wood veneer with rollers to make loading and unloading caskets easier. Storage compartments along the sides and under the floor house a spare tire, tire jack, and old clothes. 

The cleanup starts by vacuuming all the loose dirt and debris, like pine needles and leaves. Next, it's on to the tires and wheels before tackling the paint. The hearse requires two rounds of pressure washing to remove the mold and grime, WD Detailing uses Magic Erasers to clean the roof, which scours and restores the vinyl. Finally, the paint is cleaned with a clay bar before polishing it and applying a ceramic coat. 

Moving on to the interior, the carpets are vacuumed and cleaned to remove the mud and stains. The upholstery is scrubbed, and the leather is cleaned with a general-purpose cleaner and another Magic Eraser.   

Ultimately, WD Detailing thought the Cadillac hearse was their most satisfying job to date. The results speak for themselves, as the whole vehicle was cosmetically transformed. In addition to the detailing, the team decided to get the hearse running. After installing a new battery and putting gas in the tank, the hearse fires up. Almost immediately, the engine makes a loud knocking sound, which may be why it was parked in the first place. 

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