While Cadillac has already revealed the flagship Celestiq, production won’t start until December. This gives the luxury brand time to continue fine-tuning the electric vehicle, which our spy photographers recently caught testing in public. The fresh spy shots capture the EV’s deployable rear spoiler in action. 

The Cadillac in the photos looks to be in rough shape. The doors, body, and rear bumper don’t match in color. The doors feature odd scuffs and other markings, but the pics clearly capture the rear spoiler flipped up. It’s unclear if the Celestiq will have other active aerodynamic features.

Gallery: Cadillac Celestiq Spy Shots

Details about the car continue to trickle out from the company. When Cadillac revealed the Celestiq last October, the company said the EV would have a projected output of 600 horsepower while offering an estimated range of 300 miles from its 111-kilowatt-hour battery.

Cadillac recently revealed the Celestiq’s starting price – $340,000. That’s the price before the customer customizes the vehicle or the automaker adds the destination charge, which the company will announce later. The automaker began informing owners earlier this month that they could start the design process for their vehicles, letting them choose from a range of leather, wood, carbon fiber, and other materials in personalizing their Celestiq. No two should be alike.

Cadillac will hand-build the Celestiq at General Motors’ Global Technical Center in Warren, Michigan. It’s the first time the company is building a producing vehicle at the facility since it opened in 1956. Earlier this year, the automaker announced it would build the Cadillac House at Vanderbilt at the center, where buyers can customize their bespoke Celestiq models. It’s near completion, and it’ll open this summer.

The company said it has seen strong demand for the Celestiq since its reveal last year. While Cadillac says it has already sold 18 months of Celestiq production, customers shouldn’t expect the automaker to pump them out. The company will limit production of the hand-built vehicle to 500 per year, and not everyone who has pre-ordered a car will get one.

The Celestiq is a stunning EV inside and out as the luxury brand sets its sights on competing with Bentley, Rolls-Royce, and other high-end luxury brands. The cabin will come packed with technology and luxury features, with seating for four.

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