Motorhomes provide travelers with a house on the road. But what if you have more of a rustic personal aesthetic? Check out this Volkswagen Beetle "Holzhaus," which roughly translates to log cabin or chalet. The weird rig is currently for sale in Italy.

This log cabin on wheels started as a 1970 VW Beetle 1302 (this model was the Super Beetle in the United States. A group of Alpine craftsmen added the wood body on top of the original chassis in 1995. They even carved the lumber by hand for the interior and exterior, according to the listing.

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The hood and engine lid have a mural showing an alpine scene with a waterfall, and there are matching wheel covers. The bumpers and windshield wipers have curved pieces of wood.

The wood body takes inspiration from an Alpine chalet. Wood covers are over the back windows on each side, and gingham curtains are in them. Someone could even put floors in the window sill planters. A bronze eagle poses on the roof, and there's even a chimney.

The interior also looks like a rustic cabin. The dashboard has a mural of mountains. Paintings are also on each door panel. A three-sided bench is in the back, and there's a round table in the middle. The chimney is functional because there's a tiny fireplace in one corner.

The owner used this custom Beetle during Alpine Club rallies, parties, and festivals. It served as a mobile bar and ticket office at VW rallies. 

The seller notes the engine is a 1.6-liter air-cooled flat four-cylinder "runs very well." The car needs a technical inspection, though.

The seller in Italy is willing to ship the car to Europe or the rest of the world. This 1970 model is well past the 25-year importation rule in the United States, so someone could conceivably even bring it there.

The sales listing shows the car featured in a variety of magazines and newspapers over the years.

As of this story's publication, the highest bid is the equivalent of $7,646 (6,801 euros). The auction ends on Thursday, July 20.

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