Hot Wheels cars are the entry point for many kids to bloom into auto enthusiasts. Rather than paying $1 for a tiny Willys Jeep, this builder takes on the challenge of creating the classic SUV from scratch.

The builder even creates the construction materials by sawing PVC pipes in half, heating the pieces, and then flattening them between ceramic tiles. The guy draws the rough shape for each part and then cuts them out. The tools are simply small saws, files, hobby knives, and various attachments for a rotary tool. 

He uses a lighter to heat pieces and bend them into complex shapes like for the exhaust pipes. There are even neat details like ignition wires, an accessory belt, and a turning fan.

The builder creates a separate body and ladder frame like an actual Jeep. A cool touch is creating a functional leaf spring suspension. The wheels come from wrapping rubber around circular plastic pieces. The windshield even tilts down.

Painting the vehicle is the final step of the process. Like a model car, the builder uses an airbrush to apply the green color to the body, and the frame is black. The tinier parts require getting out a brush for detailing the parts. The guy even crafts accessories like a shovel, an axe, and a gas can.

The end result is far more detailed than any Hot Wheels car you'd find at the store. However, hours of work are necessary to create such an intricate model.

Check out the Ank Creative channel to see even more of this person's builds, and there are quite a few. They include creations like the Peterbilt semi-truck from the 1971 movie Duel and the GMC van from the 1980s TV show The A-Team.

The Willys Jeep was one of the most important vehicles in the American arsenal during World War 2. They initially featured a 2.2-liter four-cylinder and a three-speed manual gearbox with a two-speed transfer case. Following the war, they became available to the commercial market and eventually launched the SUV brand of today.

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