Polyvinyl chloride – also known as polyvinyl or PVC – is one of the world’s most widely produced and used synthetic polymers of plastic. It has a bazillion of different applications, including plumbing, electrical cable insulation, flooring, signage, phonograph records, inflatable products, and many others. But we’ve never seen anything like this Toyota Supra scale model made of polyvinyl chloride.

The 17-minute long video shows us the building process of a fourth-generation Supra as filmed by the Ank Creative channel on YouTube. This isn’t just a simple drawing on a PVC board but a detailed three-dimensional model featuring all exterior panels as an exact replica of the actual car. 

The process starts with the cutting of the basic shapes of the Japanese sports coupe and then moves to fine trimming and polishing of the surfaces. Then comes what looks to be the most difficult part – creating and installing the small details, such as headlights, grilles, and exterior trim. Once the exterior is finished, it’s time for the fully equipped cabin with a dashboard, center console, and seats. 

When the entire build is molded and assembled, the Supra Mk4 receives a Fast and Furious-inspired orange exterior with green and black decals. The final result is a scale car that has rotating wheels and doors that can be opened. The attention to detail is absolutely amazing considering this isn’t something that started its life as a computer drawing and was then produced by a 3D printer.

Here at Motor1.com, we are fans of all kinds of automotive toys, especially when they are made by talented enthusiasts. We cover a lot of models made of wood and we’ve seen some absolutely amazing builds so far. To a certain extent, however, this PVC-based Supra is even more impressive.

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