Repossession is a type of action, in which the party having the right of ownership of the property in question takes the property back from the party having the right of possession without invoking court proceedings. It’s a little complicated and can occur under many different circumstances but the result is almost always the same – a property is taken back into ownership by its legal owner.

Such is the case with this blue 2017 Toyota Tacoma, which is taken to the detailing shop for a thorough and deep clean before it is ready to be sold to its new owner. The condition in which the truck arrives at M.A.D. Detailing is absolutely awful. There’s a ton of sand on the floor mats, a solid layer of dust on the dashboard, and an exterior that probably hasn’t been washed in years. The cargo bed, in turn, has a huge amount of oil spilled all around, and washing a greasy bed isn’t funny at all. The engine compartment also needs a thorough wash as it is covered with a mix of oil and dust and is definitely not a pleasant view.

The body of this truck is so filthy that it needs a three-stage wash. The first pre-wash removes the largest particles and then the machine is covered with a thick layer of car shampoo. Then, it’s time for a detailed hand wash with a microfiber towel and finally, a lot of water goes to wash away the dirty foam. As always, the last step involves drying the exterior.

The interior isn’t much different. The seats are removed to uncover the absolutely incredible amount of dust on the carpet and floor mats. The cleaning process starts with a pre-vacuum to remove a big chunk of the sand but that doesn’t make a huge difference as the floor carpet continues to look dirty. For the next step, the carpet is taken off the vehicle and is brushed with a power drill to remove the smaller particles. Next are the special chemicals and a high-pressure water wash before the carpet is vacuumed with an extractor. The same level of attention goes for the seats, dashboard, and door panels, as well.

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