For its 75th anniversary, Porsche made itself a very special gift. The Stuttgart-based company unveiled the Mission X concept at its Museum in Zuffenhausen just earlier this month – an all-electric hypercar, which should become the fastest production vehicle to ever lap the Nurburgring. But there is much more about it than the record-breaking ambitions and a new video by TopGear tells us all the little secrets.

Our British colleagues were invited to a location near Paris in France where they had the chance to spend some time with the Mission X without people getting in the way. And let’s start with the big news – while Porsche hasn’t confirmed that a production version is coming officially and directly yet, the chances seem high. Earlier this month Porsche CEO Oliver Blume told us there are “good opportunities” and that a final decision should be taken within the next month.

Gallery: Porsche Mission X Concept

As mentioned above, the successor to the 959, Carrera GT, and 918 Spyder has a purely electric powertrain. The bad news is we don’t have power figures – Porsche keeps them in secret but there are rumors for somewhere around 1,700 hp. All the automaker is willing to disclose at this point is that the concept has a remarkable power-to-weight ratio of at least one horsepower per 2.2 pounds. And the performance? Again, nothing is official but there are reports about 0-60 miles per hour sprint in under two seconds and a top speed of more than 200 mph.

And what about the design? Well, the Mission X may look somewhat familiar at a glance with certain lines reminding us of the 918 Spyder but it’s actually a much sharper-looking machine. There are certain details about the exterior that are absolutely amazing. Take for example the roof that’s actually a glass bubble panel with a carbon fiber exoskeleton holding it together. But where are the side mirrors? There are no side mirrors and instead, the Mission X uses small cameras that are attached to the rear quarter panels. The concept rides on 20-inch front and 21-inch rear ultra-lightweight magnesium wheels.

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