The Grand Tour Eurocrash special will take former Top Gear hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May across former Soviet countries in Central Europe in some absolutely absurd cars. The new trailer offers a great glimpse of the automotive action and antics. The show premieres Friday, June 16.

The theme for the hosts' cars for this special appears to be picking the weirdest vehicle possible. Clarkson has a Mitsuoka Le-Seyde, which is a particularly baroque-looking automobile with underpinnings from an S13 Nissan Silvia. Hammond has a Chevrolet SSR, which is a retro-modern combination of a pickup and a roadster. Finally, May has a Crosely convertible, which he admits he bought while drunk.

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The stunts this time include driving these vehicles onto a cargo plane while the aircraft is speeding down the runway. They also check out some Soviet-era open-wheel race cars, and Hammond crashes.

The guys also sample some other, odd machines. May drives the Praga Bohema with a Nissan GT-R-derived twin-turbo 3.8-liter V6 making around 700 horsepower. Clarkson gets behind the wheel of the little Skoda 1100 OHC sports car that weighs a mere 1,212 pounds, and only two of them still exist. We also see the Klein Vision AirCar deploy its wings and take flight.

A few stunts are also on display in the trailer. The hosts drive through an off-road course while horseback-mounted archers shoot arrows at their vehicles. In addition, a car goes down what appears to be a ski jumping hill. Plus, a bunch of guys carry away May's Crosely.  

The lone bit of non-automotive action involves the guys stealing a wax statue of Nigel Mansel. Although, the figure barely resembles the 1992 Formula One driver's champion.

The Grand Tour allegedly ends in late 2024 because the show's distributor Amazon no longer wants to work with Clarkson. The massive retailer and streaming company reportedly doesn't plan to commission any more episodes of the show or Clarkson's Farm beyond what it already has orders for, according to the show business publication Variety. The alleged reason for this decision stems from Clarkson's controversial statements about Meghan Markle in a newspaper column in December 2022. Clarkson apologized for the remarks.

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