Lamborghini is adding electrification to its models in the coming years, bringing the purely combustion era to an end. However, the company today has no shortage of high-horsepower cars that require gasoline, with a new video investigating their advertised performance figures. The Lamborghini Urus Performante, Huracan STO, and Aventador SVJ hit the dyno and weight scale to determine their actual power-to-weight ratios.

The three Lamborghinis feature different engines, making for an interesting comparison. The Urus Performante packs a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 that makes 666 hp. The Huracan STO pumps 640 hp from its 5.2-liter naturally aspirated V10 engine to the rear wheels. The 6.5-liter V12 in the Aventador makes the most of the bunch, with 770 hp on tap.

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The Huracan STO hit the dyno first, putting down 550 horsepower at the wheels. Recalculating for driveline loss brought that figure back up to 636 hp, just shy of the advertised number. A quick weight check put it at 3,410 pounds (1,547 kilograms), giving the STO a 411 hp/ton.

The Urus Performante went second, with the SUV laying down 582 hp to the wheels, which turned into 704 hp after recalculating. That’s great, but the Urus is heavier than advertised, tipping the scales 5,015 lbs (2,275 kg) and returning a 309 hp/ton measurement.

The potent V12-powered Aventador SVJ went last. Lamborghini says the engine makes 770 hp, and the dyno backs that up, with the supercar putting 686 hp to the wheels, which is calculated to be 809 hp at the flywheel. While it does make more power than advertised, it is also heavier, weighing 4,080 lbs (1,851 kg) and giving it a 439 hp/ton rating.

The Urus was the only Lamborghini to match the company’s official stats. While the Urus and Aventador made more power, they were also heavier, negating the benefit of the extra bit of oomph in the calculations. The Huracan was slightly below its advertised output, but four hp isn’t much of a loss in the grand scheme.

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