Last week we got our first good look at the MG Cyberster convertible and some leaked specs. Today, the company has released its electric convertible in full at Auto Shanghai 2023 and promises to put the production version on the road by the summer of next year.

Although no specific powertrain details come with this official announcement, MG says the Cyberster will be a "high-performance EV sports car," arguably the first of its kind since the original Tesla Roadster. It's also the first new convertible by the MG brand in more than a decade and promises "cutting-edge" driver technology along with a futuristic cabin.

MG Cyberster Convertible EV
MG Cyberster Convertible EV

The design itself looks modern but pays tribute to iconic MG roadsters found throughout history with distinctive elements like the long hood, smooth body lines, and Kammback rear. The unique scissor doors are an innovative addition, while the powertrain, as mentioned, is fully electric.

MG hasn't confirmed what might power the Cyberster, but leaked details suggest the convertible will have three variants to start. The single-motor model will be the base option, with a dual-motor trim above that delivering 101 horsepower (75 kilowatts) on the front motor and 215 hp (160 kW) on the rear motor.

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The most powerful version will have 201 hp (150 kW) at the front and 335 hp (250 kW) at the rear, which could be as much as 530 hp (395 kW) when official numbers are released. There are still no specifics on total output or battery capacity, but we do know that the Cyberster will weigh anywhere from 4,078 pounds (1850 kilograms) to 4,376 pounds (1985 kg).

The MG Cyberster will go on sale in the UK and Europe alongside the brand's current range of SUVs and sedans beginning in the summer of 2024. No details have been offered for pricing, but back in 2021, more than 5,000 interested customers in China paid the equivalent of $155 to put their name down to reserve a Cyberster.

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