The Volkswagen ID.7 debuts as the brand's new flagship electric sedan. It arrives in Europe and China this fall and comes to North America in 2024.

The ID.7 is available in two trims: Pro and Pro S. Both have an electric motor making 282 horsepower (210 kilowatts). The Pro comes with a battery that has an 82.0-kilowatt-hour gross rating (77.0-kWh net) that provides an estimated WLTP-cycle range of 382 miles (615 kilometers). The system supports 170-kW DC charging.

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The Pro S gets a pack with a 91.0-kWh gross capacity (86.0-kWh net) that offers an estimated 435 miles (700 km) of driving distance. The DC charging capacity is 200 kW.

The ID.7 is 195.3 inches (4,961 millimeters) long and has a 116.8-inch (2,966-mm) wheelbase. These figures are comparable to a Mercedes-Benz EQE electric sedan that is 196.9 inches long with a 122.8-inch wheelbase. Without counting the exterior mirrors, the VW is 73.31 inches (1,862 mm) wide. The body's drag coefficient is as low as 0.23, depending on the equipment a buyer chooses.

Inside, the ID.7 comes standard with an augmented reality head-up display. The technology lets the designers fit a simplified instrument cluster that only shows the legally necessary info like the vehicle speed and various warnings.

The augmented reality system makes information appear to be different distances away from the driver. For example, the speed appears to be close, but the turn arrows seem to be farther away. The info on display can include things like road lane markings, distance info, and speed limit. Controls on the steering wheel allow for adjusting the info on the HUD to what the driver wants to see.

VW ID.7 (2023)
VW ID.7 (2023)
VW ID.7 (2023)

A 15.0-inch infotainment system is on the center of the dashboard. Illuminated touch sliders allow for adjusting the cabin temperature and audio volume.

The Travel Assist system includes adaptive cruise control and assisted lane changing. The tech is able to detect speed limits and automatically adjust the vehicle's velocity.

VW touts that the ID.7 has the most advanced air-conditioning system from the brand since the Phaeton. The vents have motors to move them vertically and horizontally so that the system can distribute air over a large area of the cabin. It also responds to voice commands. For example, the driver saying "Hello IDA, my hands are cold," directs a warm gust at the person's fingers and activates the steering wheel heater.

Buyers can specify high-tech seats. The front chairs are available with up to 14-way power adjustment. A Climatronic function uses temperature and moisture sensors to heat or cool them automatically. A massaging system has 10 air cushions, and a premium version adds two more cushions for working on the occupant's pelvis and spine.

An optional panoramic sunroof has a smart glass panel. A polymer-dispersed liquid crystal layer allows it to switch between opaque or transparent either via a button or the voice controls.

VW will build the ID.7 for the European and North American markets at its Emden plant in Germany. Production will begin in the second half of the year. No pricing details are available for any region.

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