Changes are coming to the Chevrolet Tahoe and its longer sibling, the Suburban. The images featured here represent our first look at what we can expect from this refreshed full-size SUV.

As per usual for facelifts, changes on the outside are relegated to the front and rear. That's where we find heavy camouflage, and if we zoom in for a tight crop, it sure looks like the big Chevy will get a new dual-light configuration with separate headlights and daytime running lights. Though similar in style to the Chevrolet Silverado, the Tahoe and Suburban have their own characteristics and it appears Chevy will add to that distinction with thin daytime lamps up top, and headlights flanking the grille further down. While it will be distinct, it should still fit loosely with the Silverado refresh that debuted for 2022.

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We struggle to see changes with the grille, though the bold center strips of chrome could go away. It looks a bit larger, but the overall design shouldn't change much from the current model. There's also the possibility of minor differences in grille designs between Tahoe trim levels, and on that front, we're fairly certain this is a snazzy High Country edition. The wheels look the part, and deployable side steps are plainly visible beneath the doors. These are notable features of the posh trim level.

At the rear, sussing out changes is tougher. Heavy camouflage can allude to major design tweaks regarding the windows and rear gate, but at the same time, the camo could simply be a ruse. At the very least, we see new taillights through the covers, though their shape is unknown. Curiously, large cutouts in the heavy covers for exhaust tips actually reveal smaller openings in the lower fascia. This could be a placeholder part, or it could point to a redesigned rear bumper with new rectangular exhaust tips.

At this stage, we've heard nothing regarding interior or powertrain changes. Carryover equipment is likely under the hood, but we can see dash covers through the driver-side window. That could mean something more than just updated trim happening in the greenhouse.

When will we know for sure? If this updated Tahoe debuts by the fourth quarter of the year, it could be a 2024 model. If we don't see it revealed until the end of 2023, however, this might be a 2025 Tahoe. Either way, we expect to see something before this year is over.

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