As part of the Hellcat's last call, the Dodge Durango SRT is returning to dealerships. Initially a limited-run vehicle for 2021, it was a vehicle many owners saw as a future collectible. That's why the recent announcement of its return has left many owners unhappy, including one person who is considering a lawsuit. 

The 2023 model year is the last for the Hellcat-powered Charger and Challenger, so throwing the Durango SRT Hellcat back in the mix for a final run makes sense. Many Mopar fans reacted positively to the announcement. However, it makes many 2021 Durango owners unhappy because they believe a new run of SRT Durangos would hurt the exclusivity of their vehicles as well as their value. 

For that reason, one owner is considering a lawsuit. The owner, who only wanted to be identified as Stacy, says he purchased the Durango SRT Hellcat because it was an opportunity to buy the rare, ultimate version of the SUV he already loved. "We justified the cost because of the exclusivity, potential collectibility, and that this will be our only chance to have one custom-made with all the options we wanted," he said.

Now he's angry about Dodge's plans to make more vehicles and recently announced his decision to pursue legal action in a private Durango Hellcat Facebook Group. "I had to do something if only out of principle," said Stacy. "If you ask me what I personally want as an outcome... it would be simply that they stick to their word."

Stacy is consulting with an attorney to determine if there is a potential case. Marketing material for the 2021 Durango SRT Hellcat implied a limited run, stating, "The 2021 Durango Hellcat is only a single model-year run, ensuring that it will be a very special, sought-after performance SUV for years to come.” A press release from the original announcement indicates only 2,000 Durangos will be produced, a figure Dodge later increased to 3,000. 

Other people on social media share Stacy's frustration, noting they bought the vehicle because of its exclusivity. The number of comments on the private Facebook group are substantial, with many people offering to pitch in to help pay for the lawsuit. Said one owner, "I’m in as well. I paid MSRP because they said one year and done."

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Source: Dodge
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