BMW is about to give the X2 a major revamp, with the next-generation model set to arrive this year. We have seen prototypes getting tested since October last year but only now do our colleagues got the chance to get a peek inside. For the first time, the next-generation X2's interior has become the subject of spy shots.

As expected, the upcoming X2's cabin layout mirrors that of the new BMW X1 that made its debut last year. That's primarily seen in the screens in front of the driver, which become a continuous piece of glass that joins the instrument cluster and the infotainment system.

Gallery: Next-Gen BMW X2 Spy Shots (With Interior)

The A/C vents, the center console, and even the placement of the cupholders all mirror that of the X1's, which isn't surprising since both nameplates are supposed to be sharing the same platform. The main difference, of course, is with the swoopy roofline of the even-numbered SAV.

Of note, the one spotted by our friends from the other side of the pond is the sportier M35i trim, evidenced by the sporty seats and M steering wheel. The light-colored overall theme of the spotted prototype is expected to be one of the options that future customers have.

The next BMW X2 is still wrapped in camouflage on the outside. As with the interior, we're expecting the exterior styling to align with the new X1 but with minor/subtle deviations. The lower fascia could have a different look compared to its boxier sibling, with exclusive details to this area expected to set each trim level apart from the others.

When viewed from the side, the X2 has a sleek, flowing roofline that sacrifices some cargo space in the rear for a more stylish appearance. While the latest X1 is larger than the previous generation, we expect the next-gen X2 to be slightly larger as well, as both vehicles share many of the same parts. The new X2's powertrain options should be similar to the X1's.

The next-gen BMW X2 is set to debut in the latter part of 2023. Before then, expect more sightings of the prototype and additional details as we near its date of reveal.

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