We're always looking for an excuse to write about dogs on a car website and the New South Wales Police Force in Australia is now providing us with the opportunity. No fewer than 60 new Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace SUVs will become part of the fleet in the next 12 months, and some will have a special feature. Developed in collaboration with dog handlers, a custom box installed behind the front seats will host NSW's police dogs.

The newly designed module has a few features that should make the workday a lot easier for the canine unit. Chief of which is undoubtedly air conditioning, but there's also a small window allowing the four-legged police officer to reach its head into the front row. The NSW Police Force is spending $2 million (that's Australian dollars) for the SUVs, which will come with a temperature alarm to alert the handler in case the furry cop gets too hot.

The ventilated dog box can be remotely opened in case of emergency when the handler needs help and isn't next to the vehicle. The long-wheelbase Tiguan in question is a Proline trim level not available to the public. With good reason, Detective Sergeant Luke Ellem from the Dog Unit is particularly happy about having that little window between the seats:

"I think that one of the great parts is they actually [are] in the car with us, so I can open the little window and he is licking my ear."

According to the New South Wales Police Force website, the Dog Unit was created all the way back in 1932 to provide "specialist canine services such as general purpose, drug, firearms/explosive detection and human remains dogs." The Dog Unit consists of German Shepherd, Labrador, Rottweiler, and Malinois breeds, with English Springer Spaniels currently being introduced. The cute sidekicks even have their own page on Facebook.

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