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A 1998 Mercedes E55 AMG wagon originally owned by Formula One legend Michael Schumacher has come up for sale at a dealer in Berlin, Germany.

It's a nice example, loaded with options like voice-operated satellite navigation, a sunroof, and Designo leather. It has a full service history, shows 198,000 kilometres (123,000 miles) on the odometer and seems to be in excellent condition. Amusingly, it also has a couple of Ferrari decals on the center console - '98 was Schumacher's third season with the Scuderia.

Now we come to the rather large matter of the asking price. Which is astonishing: €119,950 ($133,025). That's more than ten times the price any other E55 wagon with similar spec and mileage would command without the celebrity connection.

While cars with celebrity ownership history undoubtedly command a premium, that price seems wilfully over-ambitious. Collectors only seem to be prepared to pay orders of magnitude more than market value for a car owned by a star who is iconic beyond their specific sphere, like Steve McQueen. All-time great that he is, I'm not sure Michael Schumacher is one of those icons.  

It also helps if the car in question is inherently collectible and, fine machine though the 354 horsepower E55 is, it hasn't reached that status yet.

Frankly, it seems like the dealer is trying his luck with the price. And why not? It's only worth as much as someone will pay for it, and if there is a Schumacher collector prepared to pay that much, everyone goes home happy. And if not, the dealer probably didn't buy it for much more than market value in the first place, so it's a win-win for him. 



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