Offered only in a little over a year, the Datsun 260Z was uncommon on US roads. It was the slightly modified version of the legendary 240Z, the first Z car, getting its monicker from its bigger 2.6-liter engine.

Outside the US, the production of the 260Z was limited to around four years, which makes it relatively rare elsewhere in the world. One of those few classic sports cars was left abandoned in a garage in Russia and made its way to the hands of WD Detailing.

The story behind this Datsun 260Z barn find was that an import shop had closed down, and the guy had a bunch of Datsuns in a barn and warehouse. He had to get everything out in two days and sold everything. Mike, one of the folks from WD Detailing, had just happened to get lucky enough to see one and get it for their video, and to surprise his business partner, Brent.

One of the ancestors of the current Nissan Z had been sitting for 22 years, covered in dirt and grime. But hiding underneath all that dirt was a beautiful blue color that Mike and Brent were excited to bring out. Inside, there was work that needed to be done, as well as the engine bay.

It was a tedious process, so to speak, though it's satisfying to watch as the debris and other unsightly stuff got washed away panel by panel through the hands of these expert detailers.

In the end, Mike and Brent were thrilled with the restoration work they had done on the 1974 Datsun 260Z. The car looked almost brand new, and they were really proud of their work. There's only one question left, though – can they get it to work?

That part was left hanging but they sure do hope they can get someone to help them with the mechanical work. Otherwise, they might be forced to sell the project to someone who can get the Z-car fixed and back on the road.

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