Nissan announced its 2022 business results, and the automaker had a rough year. Global sales fell 20.7 percent to nearly 3.23 million vehicles versus 4.06 million in 2021.

The numbers fell in every major region for the company. Sales in Japan were only down 0.5 percent. However, the figure fell 25.4 percent in the United States and 23.8 percent for North America as a whole. The numbers in Europe slipped by 23.1 percent, and China experienced a 22.1 percent decrease. The table below shows the global sales figures:

Nissan 2022 Global Sales

In just the US, the Rogue was Nissan's bestseller for 2022. The company moved 186,480 of them for the year, which was down 34.7 percent from 285,602 examples in 2021.

Nissan also built fewer vehicles worldwide in 2022. The company produced around 3.25 million automobiles, which was down 9.4 percent from 2021. The factories in Japan made 12.6 percent more products, but the ones elsewhere in the world had a 12.9 percent decline. The table below shows this data.

Nissan 2022 Production

Looking toward the future, Nissan will unveil an electric vehicle concept on February 1 at 8 PM EST (February 2 at 1 AM GMT). Judging from the teaser, it will possibly be a real-world version of the Max-Out from earlier renderings. The vehicle imagines a roadster with eye-catching styling.

Nissan will also revise its pickup lineup in the US soon. The fullsized Titan is going away, possibly before the end of the year, and there's no replacement in the product strategy. In addition, the company is investigating whether to build a midsized electric truck.

In 2022, the company took out a loan for the equivalent of about $1.44 billion to fund "zero emission mobility investments." The Nissan Sustainable Finance Framework is handling how to disperse the money. The projects include clean manufacturing, battery development, autonomous driving tech, charging, new vehicles, and more.

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