Ford Ranger fans in the US will soon have the next-generation model in dealerships. It's been available across the pond for some time now, and while the North American version will be largely the same, a new set of spy images raises a question about the Tremor off-road package.

This camouflaged truck was recently seen on the street near Ford headquarters in Dearborn. While we recently saw a Ranger free of covers, this one stands out for its all-terrain tires, skid plates, tow hooks, and ride height. Those are all features of the Tremor package, but here's where things get complicated. The FX4 also carries such upgrades, and it's available on the current-gen Ranger in SuperCab trim. The Tremor is exclusive to SuperCrew trucks.

Gallery: 2024 Ford Ranger Tremor Spy Photos

But wait, there's more.

The current Tremor package offers considerably more off-roading features than the FX4 package, and we generally don't see them on this truck. The hoop side steps are a particularly noticeable omission; there's no red trim in the grille, and we'd expect a more aggressive front fascia. Then again, this truck is also missing trim on the front fenders, so we're clearly dealing with a rough-and-tumble test vehicle versus a production-ready rig.

To thicken the plot even more, the Tremor package includes tow hooks at the back, and it appears this truck has them. Look closely at the camouflage circles on the bumper. Tow hooks could be hiding underneath but unfortunately, the photos aren't clear enough to say for sure. We can, however, clearly see the General Grabber tires. Those are Tremor items on the current Ranger.

So, there's evidence both for and against this test truck being a new Ranger Tremor. If the former proves true, it will be a new option for 4x4 SuperCab models. In any case, we shouldn't have much longer to wait for an official US-spec Ranger debut. Expect that to happen later this year.

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