If you're a fan of retro-inspired modifications to modern vehicles, then check out what Alpine Style is bringing to the Tokyo Auto Salon. The Carica takes the Toyota Hiace van and makes it look like something the Scooby Doo gang would ride in. The Havana starts as a Toyota Raize but gets a nose with an appearance a bit like an old-school Chevrolet Blazer.


Gallery: Alpine Style Carica And Havana

The name Carica is a portmanteau of "California Dreaming Car," which is the inspiration for this modified Toyota van. Alpine Style is showing it in two forms. The US Style show car has a two-tone teal and white body with chrome parts for the grille, bumper, mirror caps, rear trim, and wheels. Conversely, the Euro Style variant has brushed metal bumpers and black accents on the rest of the exterior. 

The interior shows off Alpine's tech. There's an 11-inch infotainment screen, a 12-inch digital rearview mirror, and a 12.8-inch display for occupants in the rear seats. The upgraded stereo includes illumination around the tweeters. There's a bed to set up in the back of the van and an expandable tent for overnight camping.


The Havana's appearance takes inspiration from the old vehicles that are still on the road in Cuba's capital. The new grille, light surrounds, and bumpers gain chrome-plated parts. Underneath the four square headlights, there are LED running lamps and blinkers.

Inside, Alpine fits its 9.0-inch infotainment screen and 12-inch digital rearview mirror. A display for the folks in the rear is optional. The company also upgrades the stereo.

In addition to displaying these vehicles at Alpine's booth at the Tokyo Auto Salon, the company is also taking orders for these models at the show. The estimated starting price for the Carica is 4.98 million yen ($38,608 at current exchange rates), and the Havana should have a base cost around 3.98 million yen ($30,855), according to Car Watch Impress

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