The BMW X3 M is fast. The current generation offers up to 503 horsepower in stock trim, enough to shoot the SUV to a top speed of around 160 mph. That's when the limiter kicks in, but the X3 M featured in this AutoTopNL Autobahn test isn't stock. Not only is the limiter gone, there's roughly 150 extra horsepower to play with. The result is a black rocketship that probably surprises more than a few people on the unrestricted sections of highway.

That's where this video takes place, but it's not just a showcase of top speed. We're treated to several full-throttle pulls, and the X3 M doesn't disappoint in either acceleration or sound. There's no mistaking the song created by BMW's 3.0-liter inline-six engine, and with the help of two turbochargers, the video claims no less than 660 hp under the hood. All four wheels make use of the power, so when the throttle is pinned at slower speeds, the acceleration looks straight-up savage.

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Early in the video, the small SUV sprints from 90 kph (56 mph) to 210 kph (130 mph) in just 10 seconds. Keep in mind, the weight and frontal area of this ride aren't nearly as speed-friendly as, say, a Porsche 911. Another strong pull later in the clip sends the X3 from 81 kph (50 mph) to 226 kph (140 mph) in 13 seconds. We can see aerodynamics working against the Bimmer at this point, but it still has more to give.

The video says this modified X3 M has a top speed of 300 kph (186 mph). We don't see that number achieved during this Autobahn session, but the driver gets close at 287 kph (178 mph). Perhaps more impressive is that the SUV still pulls steadily in the upper speedo range. With more time to exercise the needle, reaching 300 certainly seems plausible.

A new BMW X3 is currently in the testing phase. We've seen camouflaged prototypes testing, but the current model will almost certainly mark the end of the combustion-powered M variant. Reports say the next X3 M could be electric only.

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