In May 2014, Lamborghini donated a Huracan to the Italian State Police before repeating the same generous gift three years later. This second car recently completed an important mission by transporting two kidneys to patients in hospitals from hundreds of miles away. On its official social media channels, the local authorities shared images of how the police and medical crews made the most use of the supercar's tiny cargo area.

Traveling from Padua in northern Italy, the naturally aspirated V10 machine made its first stop after about 168 kilometers (104 miles) to deliver one of the kidneys to a hospital in Modena. The Huracan continued its journey to Rome where another patient was waiting for a kidney transplant. It, therefore, covered an additional 401 kilometers (249 miles).

Lamborghini Huracan police car transports two kidneys

A message posted on Facebook and Twitter by the Italian State Police says:

"Traveling on the highway to deliver the most beautiful Christmas present: life. Thanks to the State Police's special Santa Claus, two people were gifted a kidney. The organs were delivered by the police officers from the highway police who, aboard the Lamborghini Huracan, delivered the two kidneys in the hospitals of Modena and Rome."

The adjacent images show how even a small trunk such as the Huracan's, with a volume of just 3.5 cubic feet or 100 liters, can hold a cool box with two kidneys. It’s refreshing to see the mid-engined machine is being properly used as Lamborghini intended when it donated the car a few years ago.

Aside from the typical police car livery and the roof lights, the car is also equipped with an onboard defibrillator and recording equipment with a video camera to monitor what the cops are doing.

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