Fiat has a strong presence in Latin America with multiple models not offered in Europe, such as the Argo, Cronos, or Pulse. Except for the electric 500, the company's lineup on the Old Continent is getting a bit long in the tooth. The gasoline-fueled, previous-generation 500 along with the Panda are aging products while the Tipo has always been a cheaper alternative to the VW Golf and other compact cars. Thankfully, new cars may be on the way.

Reports from Italy are indicating Fiat's lineup will blossom in the years to come, starting in 2023 with the return of the 600. Speculatively rendered by, the model is shaping up to be a subcompact crossover about four meters long. It's said to ride on the second-gen CMP platform and offer gasoline (Peugeot's Puretech) and hybrid powertrains alongside a pure EV setup. It'll allegedly enter production in the latter half of next year in Poland.

2024 Fiat 600 rendering by

More fresh metal will arrive in 2024 with a next-generation, larger Panda destined to be sold exclusively as an EV on a low-cost CMP platform. It'll peacefully coexist with the current model until 2026 when Fiat plans to retire the hybrid model. The same architecture underpinning an all-new Panda might also be used for a surprising return of the Multipla, but this time around, it'll be an electric crossover likely bigger than the next Panda.

The reborn Multipla is said to indirectly replace the 500X and Tipo, which could both be discontinued in 2024. Take these details with the proverbial pinch of salt but Fiat must be working on new products if it wants to remain relevant in homeland Europe. For what it's worth, a spy photo of what seems to be a camouflaged 600 prototype was published on social media earlier this month.


Another fabled name destined to make a comeback is Topolino in 2023 as a rebadged version of the Citroën Ami and Opel Rocks-e quadricycles.

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