Cadillac is bolstering its lineup in China. In fact, it appears that the automaker is launching two new cars in the People's Republic as seen in these unofficial reveals of two new models from the American automaker. Taken from China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), these Cadillac models are bound to be launched, albeit, they are supposedly forbidden fruits for American car buyers.

The first Cadillac here is the new CT6. A heavily camouflaged prototype of this model was caught in Detroit earlier this year. But as the nameplate has already been killed in the US, it's most likely to be exclusively sold in China where the current generation of the full-size luxury sedan is still in the market.

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Apart from the design, the documents from China's MIIT bare some details about the sedan. It has the same wheelbase as the outgoing model, while overall measurements are slightly down. Meanwhile, the power plant listed is a 2.0-liter, so we're assuming it's the turbocharged 2.0-liter four-banger, bound to make 169 kilowatts (227 horsepower), according to the document.

Meanwhile, the other Cadillac leaked by China's MIIT is the upcoming GT4. As seen in the photos, the model appears to be a crossover but with a swoopy roofline.

Just like the CT6 leak, the GT4's accompanying documents give us a preview of what to expect in the new model. Its wheelbase length is right in between the XT4 and XT5, as are its overall dimensions. It will be powered by the same mill found in the new CT6 with the same output numbers.

Both Cadillacs are to be manufactured by SAIC-GM Dongyue Automobile Co., Ltd. – a joint venture between the American brand and the largest of the four state-owned auto manufacturers in China.

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