Carvana is facing issues again, this time in the state of Pennsylvania. The online used car retailer has faced several regulatory issues in the past months in various states – many of them came with suspension of license to sell cars.

According to Automotive NewsPennsylvania regulators have suspended two Carvana locations – Philadelphia and Bridgeville – from performing motor vehicle titling and registration actions. The two Carvana branches have been added to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation's list of suspended issuing agents, effectively barring them from handling matters connected to titles and registrations.

However, these two locations can still sell cars. It's unclear if they will have the title and registration matters processed by a third-party company.

According to the aforementioned list of suspended issuing agents, the suspension came from multiple infractions by both locations. The Carvana Bridgeville branch was cited for various violations, such as not issuing registration plates in consecutive order and failing to deliver proper documents, fees, or taxes to regulators within 30 days of issuance.

Meanwhile, Carvana's Philadelphia location only had one citation, and that was for issuing motor vehicle registration cards or plates but then delivering documents that were incomplete, invalid, or otherwise defective.

The said suspension has an end date of December 28, 2022, according to Automotive News.

This isn't the first issue that Carvana faced this year. Earlier this year, Carvana faced a class action lawsuit in Pennsylvania due to the alleged failure to register cars in a timely manner.

In May, the company had its license suspended in the state of Illinois for failure to issue vehicle titles, with customers allegedly waiting for months before receiving them. The company faced another license suspension in July, just only a few months after the first one.

In October, Carvana faced heat for possible revocation of its license due to multiple violations incurred in the state of Michigan.

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