Beyond passenger cars and trucks, General Motors also makes commercial vehicles and specialized vehicles. In fact, back in the '70s, the American automaker's GMC Truck & Coach Division also made a recreational vehicle called the Motorhome. The 26-foot-long RV comes with six wheels but is only driven by the front wheels. It was manufactured from 1973 to 1978.

That's exactly what this clean-looking GMC is... or at least before it got restored and modified by Creative Mobile Interiors. Apparently, this motorhome was found rusting away near a dumpster with flat tires before its current owners, Bob and Janet Prince, took it and spent money to get the old vehicle back into shape.

Gallery: 1977 GMC Motorhome Restored, Modified By Creative Mobile Interiors

CMI said that this build first went through a complete restoration underneath. Its chassis, engine, drivetrain – practically all the mechanicals were updated and upgraded before the exterior and interior restoration and modification began.

Stripped down to the bones, this GMC Motorhome received a fresh set of HVAC, 7KW generator, plumbing, electrical systems, and dashboard, along with the rest of the luxurious appointments that you could see in the photos. Of note, the smart lock/thermostat/detector system, music, TV/satellite, lighting, HVAC, and generator are all controlled through an integrated iPad.

But that's not all. CMI also designed the restored Motorhome to have built-in heated floors, a full washer/dryer, and great material finishes. It even has a wine bar and a bathtub.

To match the interior, CMI also upgraded the exterior by having the front and rear fairings grafted into new Girard awnings. The front end was also given a Chevy Silverado fascia, while the back part was sourced from Cadillac rear fascia.

Of course, with the bevy of work done to the aging RV to turn it into a luxurious living space, it came with a price. According to The Autopian, $500,000 was spent on the conversion.

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