School buses have become popular vehicles for camper conversions. Used models are often readily available, and their expansive footprint provides endless layout possibilities. But a tiny bus can be just as versatile and accommodating, and a new video from New Jersey Outdoor Adventures highlights such a compact and feature-rich build.

The five-window vehicle, a Chevrolet, started life as a yellow school bus. The conversion required repainting it and included installing a large roof deck. However, the white, nondescript exterior hides a stunning interior with ample living space, a large kitchen area, and a small wet bath. The wood ceiling even features custom recessed lighting.

On one side is the kitchen and dedicated workspace. The bus features a three-burner cooktop, an oven, and a small fridge/freezer combination. It has two stacked slide-out pantries and extra storage underneath the sink. On the opposite side is the couch that converts into the dinette area that functions as a second workspace. One side of the couch has storage underneath, while the other side houses the diesel heater.

The full-size bed sits sideways at the back of the bus. The interior side features a large, slide-out drawer underneath, while the under-bed garage is accessible through the rear emergency door. Storage cubbies hang from the ceiling, and deep cubbies between the bed and wall store clothes.

The small wet bath is a work in progress but features a compost toilet and a shower. A slatted wood floor hides the floor drain, with a light/fan combination located in the ceiling. Ventilation is a key part of the van’s design, with custom bug screens made for the windows, an AC unit, and a roof fan helping to move air throughout the bus. A slatted base for the bed prevents it from molding.

The tiny school bus camper conversion is perfect for two people, with plenty of room to spread out, work, and live. The bus comes with many features one would find in larger mobile living spaces, with the compact size adding a unique constraint to the build. People will continue to flock to school buses and convert them into living spaces. 

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