Spy shots have revealed Porsche is planning a series of updates for the Panamera, but the future might have something greater in store for the sporty liftback. A new report from Autocar claims an electric version is in the works on the same Scalable Systems Platform (SSP) that'll underpin Zuffenhausen’s recently announced seven-seat SUV. The dedicated EV platform will also be put to good use for the second-generation Taycan coming later this decade.

It is believed the Panamera without a combustion engine will slot above the Taycan by having a larger body with an extended wheelbase. The British magazine claims it'll be similar in size to the stretched model available today, which stretches at a stately 5,199 millimeters (204.7 inches) and measures 3,100 mm (122 in) between the axles. By riding on a bespoke electric car platform, it means the space available inside will be superior to that of the gasoline-fueled Panamera LWB.

Porsche Panamera Test Car With Center Lock Wheels

The alleged Panamera EV is reportedly in the early stages of development and therefore unlikely to come out before the middle of the decade when the large SUV is scheduled to hit the streets. The next Taycan is earmarked for a 2027 release, according to Autocar. Porsche is said to be working on more advanced 800V battery tech with greater energy density to achieve greater range while single- and dual-motor derivatives are in the offing.

An electric Panamera won't spell the end of combustion engines as Porsche intends to facelift the ICE-powered model in 2023 and keep it in production until the end of the decade. That would translate into an overlap of a few years, which is also going to be the case with the Macan. The sporty crossover will get an EV variant next year that'll be sold alongside the gas derivatives for a while. Chances are the larger Cayenne will follow a similar strategy, with Autocar stating it'll get a zero-emissions flavor in 2025.

The only Porsche that won't get a purely electric drivetrain in the near future will be the 911 as the German brand has ruled out an EV model this decade. Meanwhile, a hybrid powertrain is coming by the middle of the decade when the smaller 718 sports cars will drop their ICEs altogether.

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