Arctic Trucks has gained notoriety for making hardcore rigs for equally extreme purposes. However, the Icelandic company faced challenges during its expedition in Antarctica in 2008.

To get back to the challenge, Arctic Trucks made a rig out of a Toyota Hilux. It's an AT44 rig, which was named after the company and the tires used, but instead of just having four two axles, the company added a third one for various reasons.

Known as the Hilux AT44 6x6, the monster truck built for the extremes has been featured by Ridiculous Rides by Barcroft Cars on YouTube.

To make the Hilux AT44 6x6, Arctic Trucks had to disassemble a Toyota Hilux. Around 80 percent of the frame was replaced with a stronger material, while 20 percent was completely rebuilt – both to strengthen the chassis and add personality to the truck. Around 500 hours were spent modifying the rig, which include processes to strengthen the suspension and improve the off-road machine's center of gravity. As you know, the lower the center of gravity is, the better in terms of off-roading.

The Hilux AT44 6x6 is powered by a 3.0-liter diesel engine that's modified to consume jet fuel. This ensures that the fuel is still potent up an extremely low temperature of -45 degrees Fahrenheit (-43 degrees Celsius).

The range of the truck was extended as well. It has a 750-liter fuel tank, while the truck itself can carry up to 1,400 liters of fuel barrels. Of course, the monster truck is equipped with a set of 44-inch tires with soft side walls, beneficial when the team has to deflate the tires for better traction.

As to why the decision to convert the Hilux into a 6x6, Arctic Trucks said that with six wheels in action, you have more traction and more floatation, plus you can carry more and go steeper.

Arctic Trucks didn't declare the price of the Toyota Hilux AT44 6x6 on its website, but the video above indicates that it costs $275,000.

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