Buick ended production of the Regal back in August 2020 and now Opel is announcing the equivalent Insignia will exit the assembly line before the end of the year. The writing had been on the wall for quite some time for the midsize model, and now a company spokesperson has told Automobilewoche the VW Passat rival will be no more in a few months' time:

"The discontinuation of the Insignia with its non-electrifiable platform favors the faster ramp-up of the Astra production." Introduced in 2021, the latest-generation Astra L is once again produced at home in Rüsselsheim instead of being assembled in Poland as was the case with the K model. The Insignia's demise follows that of the Ford Mondeo, which went out of production in early April this year. It'll be interesting to find out what the future has in tow for Stellantis' other car in this segment, the gorgeous Peugeot 508.  

2020 Opel Insignia facelift

It's goodbye for now for the Insignia since Opel has already confirmed there will be a successor. An indirect one we might add because it will do away with combustion engines by transforming into a pure EV. There's also the matter of the body style since we've heard through the grapevine it won't be a sedan/liftback and a wagon anymore. Instead, there are plans to turn the Insignia into a rakish crossover with a higher ground clearance but not as high as an SUV's. It's unclear whether it will follow the same recipe used by Stellantis for the Citroën C5 X.

It is worth noting the Vauxhall Insignia for the UK was discontinued in mid-May this year when the company stopped taking orders. At that point, it said production would continue until fall to clear out the backlog of orders. The all-new, electric-only model is believed to arrive around the middle of the decade to help Opel/Vauxhall in its quest of becoming a pure EV brand in Europe by 2028.

Its zero-emissions lineup will also include the revival of the Manta, but not as a sports coupe. Instead, it'll be an electric SUV based on the dedicated STLA Medium electric platform and will get a Vauxhall version, unlike its Opel-only predecessors.

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