For BMW M3 Touring owners looking to improve the performance of their fast wagon, BMW’s M Division has you covered. Thanks to a host of M Performance parts you can customize your BMW M3 Touring with genuine BMW M Performance parts to change up the style, sound, and driving experience to suit your needs.

The BMW M3 Touring is one of the most exciting wagons on sale today, but for some owners, stock will never be enough. Rather than leave customers to rely on the aftermarket, BMW M Performance parts give you the ability to customize your ride with genuine parts backed by BMW.

To augment the exterior design of the BMW M3 Touring, M Performance will offer a host of parts all made from carbon fiber. There is a laundry list of small carbon parts like mirror caps, rear diffuser, rear winglet, antennae cover, fuel filler car, and front bumper kinards. Larger carbon fiber pieces include a front lip spoiler, rear roof spoiler, and side skirts.

BMW M Performance is also offering a Style 1000 M cross-spoke wheel that can be had in Frozen Gold or Jet Black Matte. These wheels come in a staggered setup with 20” wheels in the front and 21”s in the rear.

For owners seeking out a small performance gain, M Performance offers a front air intake attachment and air breather to free up the engine’s intake tract. The biggest addition is a unique center exhaust setup that comes with a bespoke rear diffusor. The center exhaust also uses titanium to reduce weight by 15lbs when compared to the stock setup.

M Performance has a unique set of coil overs that can be mechanically adjusted to best suit the driver’s requirements. These coil-overs lower the BMW M3 Touring’s ride height by 5-20mm depending on settings. This will add performance to the already impressive M3 Touring that can lap the Nurburgring in 7 minutes and 35 seconds. 

Which M Performance parts would you add to your BMW M3 Touring? Or would you prefer to keep your BMW M Wagon stock?

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