General Motors is reportedly (and finally) retiring the Chevrolet Express and its GMC cousin, the Savana, after decades of being in production. The report came from Autoweek, which cited unnamed sources. According to the publication, the American big-body van twins will be discontinued after the 2025 model year.

The basic, boxy designs of the Chevrolet Express and GMC Savana can be traced back to the '70s. An all-new model made a debut in the '90s and the last major update on the vans happened in 2003.

Gallery: BrightDrop Zevo 600

Needless to say, both vans are way overdue for a replacement – happening for the 2026 model year in the form of battery-electric vans.

Looking at the GM lineup, the most likely basis for the upcoming electric van would be the company's very own BrightDrop Zevo range.

BrightDrop was launched last year as GM's commercial EV brand. It has the Zevo 600 and 400 in its range. FedEx has recently taken deliveries of Zevo 600 units that will be added to its fleet. The company has pledged to go fully electric by 2040.

Unlike the Ford E-Transit, which is still based on the ICE-powered Transit, the upcoming Chevy/GMC electric vans are expected to be built atop an EV-specific platform and will use GM's proprietary Ultium batteries.

There aren't definite numbers for the alleged upcoming electric vans yet, though the BrightDrop EVs can provide some clues. The Zevo 600 has a range of 250 miles and a capacity cargo capacity of over 600 cubic feet. We can expect the Chevy and GMC versions to be smaller compared to the BrightDrop counterparts.

We'll know more about this development in the coming years but for now, let's pour one out for the Chevy Express and GMC Savana.

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