Ford has a recall affecting 63,294 examples of the 2022 Bronco and Ranger for an issue that could cause the windshield to fall out in a crash. Specifically, the campaign covers 39,063 Broncos and 24,231 Rangers.

The problem is that there's inadequate urethane adhesion around the glass. This could cause increased wind noise or water leaks. In a crash, the panel could even fall out.

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The affected Broncos have build dates from December 08, 2021, through April 12, 2022. The Rangers have an assembly period from December 17, 2021, through April 12, 2022.

According to Ford's defect chronology report, the company received a report about a customer's Bronco concerning a lack of adhesive on a windshield. The automaker's Critical Concern Review Group reviewed the situation on April 07, 2022, and found that 8 out of 65 inspected units had improper adhesion. Additional research found 16 more affected Broncos.

Ford also started investigating this issue for the Ranger because the two models have a similar windshield installation process. Initial research found that 3 out of 14 inspected trucks had improper adhesion.

An expanded investigation in May and June found more vehicles with this issue, and Ford decided to conduct a recall. According to the document: "The cause for this issue remains unknown at this time."

Ford is not aware of any accidents or injuries from this issue.

To fix the problem, Ford dealers will remove and reinstall the windshield using a method that improves body adhesion. The automakers will begin mailing recall notifications to affected owners on July 11.

In October 2021, Ford issued its first recall for the modern Bronco when the company needed to repair 553 of them. The problem was that the way the passenger side airbag didn't have the proper folding, and this deployed it prematurely in a crash. There were no reports of injuries from this issue. The solution was simply to install a new airbag.

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