Mitsubishi has introduced a new kei car in Japan called the eK X EV (the X is read as 'cross'). It's a full electric kei car and the newest member of the eK X range. It will be available for purchase this summer.

Let's first talk about how it looks. Doesn't it look familiar? For us, it does look like a cartoon version of the new Mitsubishi Outlander that hit a brick wall upfront and got flattened on the side. This isn't surprising, though, as Mitsubishi markets the eK X series as kei cars with SUV flavor.

Mitsubishi eK X EV (Japan)

Beyond the cartoonish looks, the eK X EV is actually a nifty little vehicle that doesn't cost a lot. Factoring in subsidies for choosing to buy an EV, the new electric kei car has a price tag of 1,848,000 yen, or around $14,000 with the current exchange rates. Not bad.

That money gets you a vehicle that can reach 112 miles (180 kilometers) on a single charge –  perfect for city dwellers. The 20-kWh battery can charge to full capacity in eight hours using regular charging (AC200V/14.5A), or about 40 minutes to 80 percent through quick charging.

These numbers should be enough, according to Mitsubishi, as a survey shows that approximately 80 percent of kei car users and compact cars drive 31 mi (50 km) or less per day.

The Mitsubishi eK X EV isn't a powerful car, though. It makes decent numbers, specifically 63 horsepower (47 kW) and 195 Newton-meters (144 pound-feet) of torque – just enough to get you around the urban jungle for your errands and daily tasks.

Just like the Outlander that's based on the Nissan Rogue/X-Trail, the Mitsubishi eK X EV is co-developed with the automaker through their long-standing alliance. Nissan's version is called the Sakura, though this one looks like a cartoon version of the Nissan Ariya that hit a brick wall.

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