Bentley had a great last year in terms of sales. With 14,659 vehicles delivered to customers, the British manufacturer saw a massive 31-percent increase in its sales for 2020. The luxury brand from Crewe wants to keep the momentum going by introducing a new addition to its global lineup. The first teaser for this machine is now out, though it doesn’t give us a lot of information.

The only available image shows what appears to be a door panel with an integrated door speaker consisting of 15 rhomboid decorative elements. A stylish LED ambient light illuminates the speaker and there’s another LED element that lightens the area below the armrest. The image – combined with a very short description provided by Bentley – hints at what could be expected from this new model.

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The automaker says it will unveil the fifth model in its portfolio on May 10, which may or may not mean this is a brand new product. We are leaning towards the second option since we haven’t seen spy photos of an actual new product from the brand. What we saw in December last year, however, was a Bentayga test prototype testing in winter conditions.

Bentley explains this new model will offer “an extra dimension of onboard wellness” which strongly suggests we are talking about a luxury vehicle rather than a performance-oriented one. The new vehicle will sit “in sumptuous comfort at the pinnacle” of Bentley’s range. The test car from the spy shots from several months ago seems to match this description, showing a longer wheelbase for the Bentayga. Also, the door panels of the Bentayga almost perfectly match the teaser image with its rhomboid pattern.

Of course, this is just an assumption and we can give no guarantees that this new model is indeed based on the Bentayga. Thankfully, we won’t have to wait too long to find out as the official and full debut is scheduled to take place in less than two weeks’ time. Stay tuned!

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