The 2023 Ford Taurus marks the eighth generation of Ford's long-running sedan, though you won't see it in the United States. In this neck of the woods, the Taurus died its second death in 2019, having been resurrected in 2008. Meanwhile, a Mondeo-based Taurus arrived in China for 2016, and now there's an all-new model that will grace China and the Middle East, where Ford says the sedan is an exceptionally strong seller.

What kind of kit does the latest Taurus offer? There's a minimalist digital cockpit inside, boasting an 8-inch instrument display with a 13.2-inch center screen. A panoramic roof and wireless charging is available, as are driver assists such as adaptive cruise control, collision mitigation system, and blind spot intervention. Apple Car Play and Android Auto are also part of the package, and Ford makes is a point to mention the rotary shift dial in the center console.

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Outside, there are still shades of the Mondeo in the sedan's shape, but it takes on a modern appearance with narrow headlights high on the fascia flanking a wide grille. At the back, there are narrow three-bar taillights that bear a curious resemblance to something you'd find on a Mustang. The lights are connected with a single LED strip spanning the decklid. Under the hood is Ford's 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine connected to an eight-speed automatic transmission. And to make sure it handles the heat of Middle East deserts, Ford says the latest Taurus has been thoroughly tested.

"It’s crucial to the comfort of our customers, and the integrity of the all-new Taurus, that we test in such extreme climates," said Ziyad Dallalah, production development general manager for Ford International Markets Group. "Dust and sand can play havoc on engine internals and suspension components by accelerating wear on moving parts. Add that to the searing heat, and you are faced with a vehicle that has to work much harder than it might have to in more favorable conditions. Our testing ensures Taurus’ engine, transmission, driveline, and cooling systems can handle the demands of the region.”

The Ford Taurus originally launched in 1986 and soon became the best-selling passenger car in the United States. The 2023 Taurus, however, will remain the domain of markets outside the US, with sales in the Middle East expected to begin later this year.

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