In 2009, the Honda S2000 was an elemental sports car with a sticker price that, even on the rare CR model like this one, was under $40,000. Who could've possibly guessed that, in just 13 years, one would be resold for nearly a quarter of a million dollars? Friends, welcome to 2022, where it seems everything now comes with a crazy price tag.

That includes the much-loved Honda S2000, which has seen values rising in recent years. However, none that we know of have sold for more than a new Porsche 911 Turbo, save for the 2009 S2000 CR featured here. 41 bidders tossed a hat into the ring, though it was a bidding war between two prospective buyers in the closing minutes that sent it to $200,000. Nico2015 won the battle with that final $200,000 bid, no doubt sending other S2000 owners into a frenzy as to whether they're carrying enough insurance coverage on their vehicle.

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How did this Honda reach $200,000? Aside from two people who really wanted this car, there are some factors that make it quite special. For starters, 2009 was the final year of production for the S2000. Only 355 were built for the US market in that final year, but this is a Club Racer (CR) model. That makes it one of just 31, and per the auction listing, it's equipped with the optional stereo and air conditioning. Furthermore, it only shows 122.5 miles on the digital odometer. Add it all up, and you have something that car collectors will fight for. And as we see with the closing bid, that's exactly what happened.

Most auto enthusiasts would agree that the Honda S2000 is a legit modern classic. Some might argue that it represents the pinnacle of analog sports car evolution, offering an elemental driving experience with a naturally-aspirated engine, manual transmission, and only minimal assists such as traction control. This particular car certainly had other factors leading to the final bid, but could this auction provide a glimpse into the S2000's trajectory in the classic car world? For that, only time will tell.

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