We got our first glimpse at Lamborghini’s Aventador replacement late last year. The car was covered in camouflage and cladding that distorted the supercar’s sleek shape. New spy shots caught the car with just camouflage, which TheSketchMonkey YouTube channel used to produce an unofficial rendering of the upcoming supercar as a roadster in the video above, which works to peel away the camouflage to preview the supercar’s new design.

While the latest spy pics show the car without any cladding, the swirly camouflage does its job distorting the car’s surfaces, making it difficult to discern the styling. The camo conceals a lot of the car’s front-end design, including the lighting signature, but a close inspection reveals some similarities between the Sian and the company’s new flagship.

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In 2019, Lamborghini’s head of design said that the Sian wouldn’t influence the look of the Aventador successor. However, that doesn’t mean there won’t be any borrowing. Much of the Sian’s design influence is kept to the front, with the wild Terzo Millennio concept providing the influence for the rendering’s intakes behind the cabin. The rendering also removes the car’s roof, which we imagine Lamborghini will produce, but we won’t arrive anytime soon.

The rendering doesn’t reveal anything at the back, but the spy shots did show an aggressive design with big, round quad-exhaust tips poking through the rear between the taillights. The photos also captured the rear engine cover, which tapers toward the exhaust.

The Lamborghini’s new design will get a new powertrain, too, which adds electrification to a V12. The hybrid setup could deliver 800 horsepower (596 kilowatts) or more, with power going to all four wheels. The car would also come packed with technology like four-wheel steering and active aerodynamics.

Future spy shots should better capture the supercar, which should help determine the car’s design. There should be plenty of them, too, as we don’t expect Lamborghini to unveil the car until sometime next year. There should be more powertrain details as we approach the car’s debut date, as rumors will fuel anticipation for the new model.

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