The future is here because these shots are our very first look at the replacement for the Lamborghini Aventador. It's still under heavy camouflage but enough is visible to get a general idea about how the new supercar looks.

Our spies are quite confident this isn't just a test mule but an actual production prototype for the new Lambo. We have to agree. While the vehicle's lines fit with the Italian brand's trademark wedge-shaped styling language, the design doesn't match the Aventador.

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The nose and windshield share a continuous line, and there appears to be a flared portion where the fender is. These photos don't provide a good perspective of the headlights, but they appear to be tiny slits near the tip of the front end.

It's not clear whether the opening in the fabric on the roof is simply loose or like that to send air to an intake. The doors are quite large. Like the Aventador, Murcielago, Diablo, and Countach, we expect them to have scissor-opening hinges.

The fabric camouflage does a good job of concealing the shape of the rear deck. It appears to have a fairly flat shape. Things are more impressive from the back. There are two, high-mounted hexagonal exhaust outlets and a pair of circular pipes are visible inside each of them. The location keeps them out of the way of the bumper so that the engineers can craft a large diffuser underneath the vehicle.

The new Lambo will still have a mid-mounted V12 engine, but the powerplant will be completely different from the existing mill. Also, it will gain assistance from a plug-in hybrid system. The setup won't use supercapacitors, hinting at a more traditional combination of an electric motor and batteries.

The powertrain's output is still a mystery. Although, we wouldn't expect Lambo to make the new model less potent than the current one.

Expect to see the Aventador successor testing for a while because the model doesn't debut until 2023. That means there's well over a year for our spies to chronicle the vehicle's development before the official unveiling.

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