On March 5th, New Zealand rugby league manager Ryan Nixon tweeted the following.


It's such a simple question, but the answer has torn the Internet in two. You're either #teamwheels or #teamdoors. We haven't seen two opposing forces divide us like this since Bella couldn't decide between Edward and Jake. 

Companies, particularly automakers, are putting in their two cents. 


UPS even went so far as to count all of the doors and wheels in its fleet of planes and delivery vehicles. Wheels won: 768,000 to 510,000. 


This report by NBC indicates the Internet is leaning more towards wheels than doors. It says that on Twitter, the tag #teamwheels and #teamwheel have 109 million and 17.6 million views, respectively, while #teamdoors and #teamdoor only have 48.4 million and 35.9 million views. 

I was initially Team Wheels all day, until this video of James Corden stopping his show to argue the question with his audience brought up the point that while every car has four wheels, they also have 2-4 doors, which blunts the advantage for wheels.

Also, your answer to this unanswerable question can change depending on how you define a wheel and a door. Is wheel-shaped pasta a wheel? Are kitchen cabinet doors considered a door? This might be the clincher: Lego wheels. The Guinness Book of World Records confirms the toy brick company is the world's largest manufacturer of tires, producing about 381 million per year. 

Being car enthusiasts, we don't want those filthy doors to win. Wheels are our religion, and we'll defend them to the death. The original poser of the question agrees with us; Ryan Nixon has #TeamWheels in his Twitter bio. 

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