A lot of companies have blended watercraft and automobiles into amphibious vehicles. However, this business does things a bit differently by making a boat look like a sports car. A new video from the Supercar Blondie YouTube channel takes one of these odd machines for a spin in Dubai.

The vehicle's design blends Ferrari and Chevrolet Corvette design cues, giving the boat a very sporty look. There are no doors, so the two occupants have to step into the cockpit. The controls are also similar to a sports car because the driver grips a steering wheel and steps on a pedal to accelerate. Like a jet ski, there isn't a brake.

On the center console, there is a row of switches for controlling the lights and windshield wiper. A small GPS screen is underneath a cover.

The engine sits behind the occupants. There isn't much information about it, other than the 1.8-liter displacement. This is enough to reach a top speed of 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour).

Flinging this sports-car-shaped boat around the water looks like an entertaining afternoon. Because of the windshield and high sides, occupants don't get as wet as they would on a traditional jet ski. The video shows that hitting a wave just right can soak the people inside, though.

The builder of this watercraft has plans for more automotive-inspired designs in the future. According to the video, the maker is working on versions that look like an Aston Martin, Bentley, Bugatti, and even a pickup truck.

Renting one of these in Dubai is $700 an hour. Buying an example is $40,000 to $50,000, depending on the specification. The company Waterlink is selling them there.

Last year, Motor1.com had a report about someone who built a vehicle similar to this at home. That person took a 1970 Chevrolet pickup truck and put it on a boat platform. The sides appeared to have a topper over the bed, but this area was open on the top. This rig looked a bit more like a watercraft versus the one in Dubai because there were pontoons visible on the sides.

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