Starting with the 1987 model year, power-hungry Corvette buyers could order the B2K option on their car at the dealer and take delivery of a twin-turbocharged V8 from Callaway. Now, the B2K 35th Anniversary Package is available on the 2022 Corvette to celebrate the original. This time, you don't get turbo power, but there is a carbon-fiber body kit, exhaust, and other upgrades.

The new body parts include a front splitter. Callaway says the raised portions on the outer ends take inspiration from dive planes. There are also full-length side sills.

Gallery: 2022 Chevrolet Corvette Callaway B2K 35th Anniversary Package

The rear wing has a complex design with an opening at its base for the raised portion in the center. However, the 'Vette appears to have a simple spoiler when you look at the tail from the side.

The tail also has a new rear diffuser that has the Callaway emblem in the center. The emblem comes standard with a chrome finish or carbon flash black as an option.

Below this new part, the company fits a center-exit exhaust with a pair of large, D-shaped outlets. The tips are available with a black chrome finish as an option. Callaway describes the sound from the pipes as being "not raucous, rather a smoother, higher-pitched note." Plus, this piece is 40 pounds (18.14 kilograms) lighter than stock to shed some weight off the Corvette.

The B2K 35th Anniversary Package rides on nine-spoke, forged aluminum wheels that have a 19-inch diameter and are 9 inches wide in front. The ones in the back have a 20-inch diameter and are 11.5 inches wide. They shed 26 pounds (11.79 kilograms) of rotational mass in comparison to the stock wheels. Buyers can select five finishes for them: ceramic polished, black chrome PVD, gloss titanium, satin black, and matte bronze.

There are a few upgrades on the inside, too. B2K 35th Anniversary Package includes an anodized aluminum sill plate, Callaway-branded floor mats, and billet aluminum pedal covers. A special plaque is on the console.

The final touches for this special edition are a car cover with Callaway's 35th Anniversary wreath emblem and a detailing kit from Mothers.

The B2K 35th Anniversary Edition Package for the Corvette adds $34,960 to the vehicle's price and has the option code PCY. To get it, buyers also have to select the Z51 performance package, aero delete, and open-5-spoke bright silver-painted aluminum wheel options. After building the car at the Bowling Green, Kentucky, factory, Chevy ships these models directly either to Callaway's shop in Connecticut or California for the modifications.

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