Scott and Carla took an all-wheel-drive 1998 Chevrolet Astro Van and converted it into a pint-sized camper for weekend adventures. This video offers a tour that highlights the impressive use of space in this fascinating build.

From the outside, you would have no idea this is a camper conversion. The only modifications are the deployable awning, an outlet for plugging in the solar panel to the Jackery solar generator, and a set of aftermarket wheels.

Things get interesting when you open the door. The entire roof has cedar paneling, which creates a cozy look. The floor is a rubberized interior that looks like wood. There's styrofoam insulation on the top and foam insulation in the walls.

The wall opposite the door has an attractive cabinet. It includes a wood countertop. The sink is just a metal salad bowl with a hole in the bottom. To the left, there are areas for storing food and clothes. There's even a hidden area that functions as a hamper for dirty clothes.

The bed converts from a sitting area into a space to sleep. At about 42-inches (106.7-centimeter) wide, it's a bit broader than a twin bed. This is pretty tight for two adults. Plus, they have an 80-pound (36.3-kilogram) German Shepard. The solution is adding an extra mattress at night that gives the pup a place to rest.

For entertainment, there's a ceiling-mounted projector, and the couple can put up a screen behind the front seats. A small refrigerator acts as the center console.

Opening the rear hatch reveals the solar generator that provides all of the electricity, and it connects to a breaker. A drawer at the back holds the gas stove and fuel for it. A tiny spice rack in the door is a clever touch.

So far, Scott and Carla have used the van for staying at campsites. They'd like to go for a vacation in the wilderness at some point. Another plan is to use the vehicle as a base for a snowboarding trip. Eventually, they'd like to take this rig on a drive across Canada.

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