In a press conference held this morning, the Renault Group detailed its financial results for 2021 when it returned to profitability after two years of losses. In addition, the French automotive conglomerate released a preview of a new concept car powered by a combustion engine feeding on hydrogen it will unveil in May.

It did more than just that as it also outlined its EV roadmap until 2025. We'll cut to the chase and focus on 2024, which is looking rather busy. No fewer than four Renault-badged electric models will be out that year, including the revival of the iconic R4 and R5, another Renault EV, and a van. Already teased, that Alpine with a rear wing will serve as a hot hatch version of the reborn Renault 5.

More important for those interested in affordable electric mobility is the Dacia EV also coming in 2024. It's destined to replace the popular Springaka Europe's cheapest new car without a combustion engine. The tiny EV imported from China has already racked up 46,000 orders.

During the conference, Renault CEO Luca de Meo revealed the new electric Dacia will ride on the CMF-A platform. At only 3,734 millimeters (147 inches) long, the current Spring fits into Europe's A-segment. Its successor should have roughly the same proportions since the R5 will sit on the CMF-B architecture for bigger (B-segment) cars.

The new EVs from Renault, Alpine, and Dacia will be joined by the Nissan Micra replacement. Teased at the end of last month, the Japanese B-segment hatch with zero emissions will be assembled by Renault in France and could switch to a different moniker. These new arrivals are part of a greater plan the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance is working on, with 35 EVs coming by the end of the decade.

PS: The electric Alpine coming in 2025 is the GT-X Over compact crossover to be built in Dieppe on the same platform as the Megane E-Tech and Nissan Ariya.

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