Automakers are all-in on electric vehicles, but other types of transportation are also poised to join the electric revolution. That includes RVs, motorhomes, and camper vans, and Winnebago has a preview of what that future will look like with its new e-RV concept. The new motorhome, developed over a two-year period by the company’s Advanced Technology Group, makes its debut at this year’s Florida RV Super Show.

“Consumer demand is driving electric power applications across many fronts, and we believe RV consumers are poised to benefit from the enhanced features and usability that electrified and connected RV products will provide,” said Ashis Bhattacharya, Winnebago Industries’ senior vice president of business development, advanced technology, and enterprise marketing.

The fully functional all-electric e-RV concept features a 86-kilowatt-hour battery that allows for up to 125 miles of range while also powering the onboard systems. According to the company, that amount of range will accommodate 54 percent of new RV buyers who prefer to make trips under 200 miles. Evolving battery technology over the coming years will see range increase.

Gallery: Winnebago e-RV Concept

The concept rides on a modified Ford Transit platform, with the electrical power system coming from Lightning eMotors. The system operates the powertrain, vehicles controls, and living quarters. Winnebago estimates a recharge time of about 45 minutes at “high-current charging stations.”

Winnebago pairs the all-electric platform with energy-optimized appliances, like the 110-volt AC for the slide-out induction cooktop and the marine-grade fridge. The concept also features 350-volt DC power for the roof-mounted air conditioner and the water heater.

The e-RV’s environmentally friendly attitude extends to more than just its powertrain and vehicle systems. Winnebago says many of the RV’s materials were selected with sustainability in mind, like the recycled cork-rubber flooring. The company also uses woolen wall appliqués for enhanced wall insulation.

For now, the e-RV is just a concept. Winnebago established its Advanced Technology Group in 2019 to explore how emerging technologies, like electrification, could benefit its future products. The e-RV is the group’s first public-facing product that combines electrification and connectivity into a next-gen product.

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