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There are more ways to escape the real world than ever before, and nifty products continue to make it easier, too. Not everyone needs a motorhome or even an RV or camper van to enjoy the outdoors, but the smaller the vehicle, the fewer amenities you can take with you. Camportable wants to rectify that with its hitch-mounted kitchen that carries everything you’d need for an outdoor feast.

Camportable’s kitchen is comparable to the kitchen you’d find in your typical camper. It’s packed into an 84-pound (38-kilogram) box with a plywood frame and aluminum skin. It also features plastic trim. The kitchen has all one would need for a hearty outdoor meal, including a sink and faucet, a two-stove gas stove cooktop, and a fridge. 

Gallery: Camportable Hitch-Mounted Portable Kitchen

The 14-liter Dometic fridge can even warm the interior to maintain a set temperature if the outside temperature falls below freezing. The sink pipes to two 10-liter tanks – one for fresh water and the other for waste, and there’s a 1-kilogram gas tank that feeds the stove. A full water tank takes the kitchen’s weight up to 106 lb (48 kg).

The kitchen is also equipped with four removable drawers, offering space for utensils, kitchenware, and additional storage. A sealed lid keeps the product clean and safe from the outside elements, while dedicated locks keep curious people from stealing your beers and lunch meat.

Camportable is still trying to get its product off the ground after completing its production-ready design, according to New Atlas. There are plans to offer the kitchen with a hitch-mounting kit, and the company plans to show additional equipment for the product sometime this year. A portable hitch-mounted kitchen like this should make it easier for more people to afford to go camping without sacrificing coveted passenger space inside a vehicle.

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