These days, cars passing the moose test is pretty much a non-event. Vehicle types that were once notorious for flipping or going on two wheels during the test can now handle it with relative ease. Sure, there are times pick-ups, SUVs, and crossovers get up on two wheels, but it's not as often as before.

If anything, modern crossovers can pull of a surprisingly and shockingly good performance during the demanding maneuver. The most recent one to impress is Kia's latest electric crossover, the EV6. It was recently tested by motoring website, If the name doesn't sound familiar to you, head on to Youtube and type that name. They're pretty much known for performing moose tests on just about every car out there, old and new.

Anyway, back to the EV6, and let's just say it wasn't too challenged by the test. If anything, its entry speed can match some high-performance machinery. So how fast did it enter the cones at its best attempt? How does an entry speed of 78 km/h (48.5 mph) sound to you? If you're not impressed by that, here are a couple of cars that it managed to outpace through the tight and tough maneuver.

The EV6 managed to take on the cones faster than the Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo, with the latter's best entry speed attempt at 77 km/h (47.8 mph). It also beat its chief rival, the Volkswagen ID.4, at that managed 73 km/h (45.4 mph). Perhaps more shockingly, the EV6 performed the maneuver faster than the Mercedes-AMG A45 S (75 km/h or 46.6 mph) and the BMW M235i (68 km/h or 42.2 mph). Yes, tires are a factor here, but it doesn't take away the merits of the Kia's emergency handling.

Overall, the electric Kia impressed the testers at They noted that the handling was safe and predictable. The EV6's steering was described as accurate, giving the driver more confidence in a sudden maneuver such as the moose test. So if you're considering one of these in the future, you have the assurance that this crossover can pull you to safety without getting all crossed up.

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