We've seen plenty of hardcore off-roading motorhomes, and we've also seen some customized Mercedes-Benz Unimogs in our day. We haven't seen them combined very often, and we've never seen a Unimog with swanky living quarters like this one.

The company responsible for this RV upfit is Stone Offroad Design – SOD for short – based in Germany just south of Munich. It's called the SOD Rise 4x4, and as you can imagine, using a beefy Unimog as the platform means SOD doesn't need to worry about upgrading mechanicals. Instead, the company to focuses on that big living module mounted to the Merc's back, which can be removed and used independently of the truck if so desired. Front the outside, it looks all business in its menacing shade of gray. Step inside, however, and you enter a completely different world.

Gallery: SOD Rise 4x4 RV

White, black, and gray meld together to create something more akin to a posh New York apartment. The lounge space at the rear contains a large wraparound sofa with a small table in the middle. You'll even find a chandelier hanging overhead, mounted on the base of a bed that lowers down over the sofa to create a second bedroom. A full kitchen next to the sofa contains a four-burner induction stove with an oven and a modest sink, all set into a marble-themed stone surface. Naturally there's a refrigerator, but instead of a small unit, there's a full-size stand-alone refrigerator-freezer positioned opposite the countertop.

The angled door towards the front of the living space contains the full bathroom, and it's just as fancy as everything else. An odd pyramid-shaped toilet grabs your eye, mounted next to a small sink with a large vanity mirror on the wall and a showerhead reaching down from the ceiling. Stepping out of the bathroom, you'll find the main bedroom with a fixed bed in the alcove overtop the cab. A small pop-up roof over the alcove provides sleepers with a bit more headroom.

As for power, the SOD Rise 4x4 packs a 400-Ah lithium-ion battery pack and is equipped with up to 840 watts of solar. It carries 106 gallons (400 liters) of fresh water and 40 gallons (150 liters) of gray water, and it's also four-season ready with heat and air conditioning. Of course, such a combination of luxury, capability, and off-road prowess does come at a price. The 400-horsepower (294-kilowatt) version lists in Germany for €899,900. In US currency that's just over $1 million, though it's not available for US buyers anyway.

For those that can get it, the SOD Rise 4x4 will be available in June 2022.

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