EarthCruiser ranks among the masters of overlanding outfitting, and its latest product is the Terranova camper for one-ton chassis Ford trucks. Chevrolet and Ram applications are coming in 2022. Prices start at $289,000.

Terranova features a pop-up roof that allows people up to 6 feet 5 inches (195.6 centimeters) to stand inside. The layout puts the bed at an elevated position above the pickup cab, and the extra height means that occupants can sit up comfortably when they are up there. The extendable top also included eight windows with insect and privacy screens for full visibility out of the camper.

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The upper sleeping area includes a queen-sized mattress, power stations, ambient reading lights, and storage cubbies. To get up there, the drawers double as stairs, which EarthCruiser touts as providing easier access than a traditional ladder.

The lower area features a multi-function lounge section with seating for four adults. The table adjusts up and down, in addition to forward and back, depending on the orientation that owners need. This area can even convert into a sleeping space that measures 76-inches (193 centimeters) long.

The kitchenette includes a sink, cooktop, and refrigerator. A toilet is also among the amenities.

Inside, EarthCruiser offers a convenient controller for operating all of the vital features. It allows for raising or lowering the roof, in addition to allowing for monitoring the voltage use.

The Terranova uses fiberglass and marine-grade materials, and there's a proprietary mounting system. The foam-core composite construction and multi-layer curtain provide insulation for keeping in heat when the nights get cold.

For additional storage, the raised floor has open space underneath. This area also offers access to plumbing components, including the pump, for easier access when necessary.

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